The following directory is an up-to-date listing of the WGI(S) Members. Each member (as listed in the directory) is in good standing as a CTRT Practitioner of CTRT and has fulfilled all the requirements to be recognized as a member in their respective membership categories.

The directory of WGI(S) Members published below is meant for authentication purposes and public information only. Names are sorted by membership types, then followed by alphabetical order. Should there be any discrepancies, or if a particular name is not published, please write in to info@wgis.org.sg to verify.

*Please do not write in to request for personal contact information.

Membership TypeName
Faculty MemberAnthony Wong Teck Boon
Faculty MemberChong Kah Phoon
Faculty MemberChung Ee-Lynn Rachel
Faculty MemberEvelyn Rochelle Koh Hwee Lin
Faculty MemberJean Bernard Sampson
Faculty MemberLee Wan Ling, Cheryl
Faculty MemberLena Teo
Faculty MemberLim Zhiyi Gymy
Faculty MemberLinda Koh Ai Sim
Faculty MemberLiu Xin
Faculty MemberOng Kwee Hong Clare
Faculty MemberOoi Huishan Rowena
Faculty MemberSister Elizabeth Tham
Faculty MemberTan Bi Ling
Faculty MemberTheng Siming
Facilitator MemberNathanael Seers Ong
Full MemberAbigail Catherine Yang Wenjie
Full MemberDesouza Karl Francis
Full MemberGan Ser Khoon Josephine
Full MemberKuharajahsingam Karalasingam (Frank Singam)
Full MemberLee Shao Xiang
Full MemberLim Kwong Yoong, Dominic
Full MemberMaryati M Dahim
Full MemberToh Mui Hua Catherine
Full MemberWong Lianya Katrina
Full MemberYeo Ke Xin
Associate MemberChua Hwee Cheng
Associate MemberLim Poh Cheng
Associate MemberSusanne Lingohr-Wolf