Senior Faculty /Instructor (WGI USA & Singapore)
B.Sc.(Spore); M.Sc (USA); Ed.S. (USA); PhD (USA)
Specialist Diploma in Satir’s Model (Canada)
EMDR Level I & II

Clare has been a practising psychologist since 1991. She was RT Certified in 1991 and became a Faculty Member/Instructor in 1993. She has been a CTRT instructor since 1999. She conducts psychological assessments and uses approaches that she is trained in Reality Therapy, CBT, Virginia Satir, EMDR and Play Therapy in her work children, adults and families. She supervises Master program students in Psychology and Counselling, lectures at higher institutions, and conduct workshops for schools and private companies. She is a Senior Faculty member of the William Glasser Institute (US), a Full Member of APA, NASP, APT, SRP, SAC and a Registered Psychologist, Counselor and Supervisor.

Senior Faculty Instructor (WGI Australia, USA & Singapore)
B.A (Hons) (Singapore), M. Educational Psychology (UK)
Member of British Psychological Society, UK
Chartered Psychologist, Health Professions Council, UK

Elizabeth was first trained in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management at the William Glasser Institute in USA in 1991, completing the Certification level in 1993. Since then she has been actively supervising and teaching with the Institute in Singapore, Malaysia, Italy, Philippines and Australia as a Senior Faculty member.

Elizabeth was the founding President of WGIS in 1996 and was with the WGIS executive committee until 2009. She has presented at various WGI forums and conferences and conducted many workshops and training sessions since 2002. The groups that she has trained include groups of professional counsellors, psychologists, social workers, prison officers, armed forces personnel, teachers, academic staff and religious leaders. From 2011 -2013, she pioneered the first training in CTRTLM in Manila, Philippines and helped to set up the William Glasser Institute (Philippines).

In 2003, she established a volunteer team among CTRT learners to rehabilitate prisoners and repeat offenders using Choice Theory, coaching them to make effective and quality changes and choices in life. She trained a team of more than 50 counselling staff of the Singapore Prison to use Choice Theory as a coordinated methodology and approach in the management of prison inmates.

Senior Faculty /Instructor/ Supervisor (WGI & WGI Singapore)
M.Soc.Sc. in Counselling (University of South Australia), Certified Human Behaviour Analyst (DISC)
Emotion-Focused Therapy, Level 3, (EFT Clinic, York University, Canada)
Emotionally-Focused Couple Therapy, Advanced (ICEEFT, Canada)
Principal Counsellor, Psychotherapist,Clinical Supervisor

Evelyn is a Registered Counsellor and Clinical Supervisor of the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), Professional member of the American Counselling Association (ACA), Registered Social Service Practitioner with Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW), and a Faculty member of William Glasser Institute (Singapore) (WGI(S)) and William Glasser International (WGI). Since Certified as a Faculty of WGI(S) & WGI in 2009, she has supervised and taught Choice Theory & Reality Therapy to the Malaysians, Hong Kongers and Nepalis' counselors, social workers and psychologists.

In 2003, Evelyn started counseling and working with youths, adults, parents, couples and families on issues ranging from emotional, behavioural, relational, motivational, grief, life-stage difficulties, parenting and marital to mental health issues. She provides consulting, counselling, training and supervision work with counselors, social workers, youth workers, case workers, psychologists from Family Service Centres (FSCs) and other Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), school counselors from Ministry of Education (MOE) as well as career coaches from Workforce Singapore. With her extensive training experiences, she is also an external lecturer and clinical supervisor with Swinburne University of Technology as well as a clinical supervisor with Edith Cowan University, Monash University and James Cook University.

In her work with Social Service Institute (SSI), she consulted and developed program, as well as provided training to professional helpers in supporting and working with people facing loss and grief issues. With the Health Promotion Board (HPB), she consulted and developed Peer Support Program for youths and had provided numerous training to youth leaders from NTU, SIM, ITE and Polytechnics. She takes great joy in facilitating others in their process of achieving personal and professional growth.

   M. Soc Science (Counselling), BA (Psychology & Communication)
   CTRTC & Approved Faculty (WGI International & Singapore)
   EMDR II & EMDR Facilitator (EMDR Inst, USA) & Consultant (EMDR Asia)
   Affect Regulation Therapy certified (Australia)
   Neurofeedback (Practitioner)

Linda is a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer in private practice. She has 20 years of counselling experience, 16 of which she has also been facilitating clinical supervision and training. She has been actively involved in WGI (Singapore) since 2004. Linda is also trained and qualified in EMDR and is an EMDR Institute Facilitator & Consultant. She is also certified in Affect Regulation Therapy. Her most recent training development is as a Neurofeedback Practitioner. Linda is a registered counsellor, clinical supervisor and trauma counsellor with Singapore Association for Counselling, a Professional member of the American Counselling Association, and she holds Association memberships with WGI (International & Singapore) and EMDR Singapore.

Linda has conducted several Basic Training groups, and also several Basic Practicum and Advanced Practicum in CT/RT since 2005. Participants have included counsellors and other helping professionals in varying sectors, teachers, and individuals from other walks of life. Linda lives and breathes Dr Glasser’s key philosophies in CT/RT and internalizes his ideas and techniques in her personal as well as professional life. She firmly believes that if everyone could learn how to relate constructively, positively and in non-controlling ways with one another (a key idea in CT/RT), while being able to satisfy their Basic Needs in non-destructive ways, people will certainly be much happier!

   M.A. Applied Psychology (Singapore), B.A. Psychology (Australia)
   Registered Psychologist, Approved Clinical Supervisor, Singapore (SRP)
   SRP Reg. No: 008090148
   Certified Practitioner for Adventure Therapy
   Certified Associate in Emergenetics Profiling
   Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Behavior Management

As a Choice Theory influenced psychologist, Nicholas has developed a deep interest in the way thinking affects people’s behaviours. As a result, he leverages neuroscience to further inform his practice. He also promotes healthy development of thoughts and behaviours, and the understanding of how it can be achieved. He believes individuals can improve their quality of life through effective management of their thoughts and behaviours.

Nicholas volunteers his time and expertise as much as he can to different causes. The one that he is most passionate about involves families and young persons. He volunteers on advisory councils, boards of non-profit organisations; he also educates young and learned minds in psychology, and supervises budding psychologists in their field practicums. In his free time, he enjoys spending time being with his wife and three children.

   Master of Arts (Counselling and Guidance)
   Graduate Certificate in Narrative Therapy
   APSAC Certified Substance Abuse Counsellor (CSAC22-002)

Anthony is a registered counsellor and clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling (C0443). He has worked with individuals, couples and groups in a community and hospital setting. He specializes in working with people going through mental health issues, relationship issues, trauma, stress, grief and loss, and caregiving. He has conducted talks and workshops on mental health and wellness for the public and professionals.

His therapeutic approach mainly revolves around post-modern concepts, brief work with clients through the concepts of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CTRT), narrative therapy, EMDR and other approaches where appropriate.

Anthony considers himself an advocate of CTRT. He believes that the essence of change lies in living by the principle of choice theory, the process of identifying the pictures in our quality world, and evaluating how we are or not meeting those need-satisfying pictures. He also shared an innovative way of infusing CTRT ideas into clay work at the 2019 Singapore Sandplay Symposium.

   CTRTC & Approved Faculty (WGI International & Singapore)
   B.Soc.Sci. (2nd Upper Hons) in Social Work, B.A. in Psychology
   Advanced Certificate In Training & Assessment (Facilitated Learning) Trainer

Jim is a Social Worker, Psychologist, Published Author and Educator. He has been practicing and teaching Choice Theory and Reality Therapy for more than 10 years and uses it exclusively in his clinical practice. A dynamic and highly sought-after authority on parenting, mentoring and relationships, he has worked with more than 1000 families and trained 2500 youth, parents and professionals with CTRT as the core modality and method. He was also a Social Work lecturer in Nanyang Polytechnic and co-developed the first Social Work Diploma in Southeast Asia.

Jim has authored and published a bestselling book entitled “The Kite Story: Perspectives On Parenting and Mentoring” that was launched by NLB in 2013. The foundation of this book is built on the power of relationships, a core concept of CTRT. As a parenting and mentoring consultant, Jim has been invited several times to share his views on Channel 5's Talking Point, 938LIVE's Parenting Made Easy, Capital 95.8FM Talk Shows, The Straits Times and MyPaper. He is a member of both the Films Consultative Panel and Broadcast, Publications and Arts Appeal Committee in IMDA. Married to a Principal Social Worker, Jim loves spending family time with his wife and three children and believes that being a good husband and father are his core missions in life.

   CTRTC & Approved Faculty (WGI International & Singapore)
   Master in Professional Counselling, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Edmund is currently a counsellor in private practice. He is a counsellor, workshop facilitator and speaker. He has a Master in Professional Counselling awarded by Swinburne University of Technology, Australia. He completed his Choice Theory Reality Therapy certification in 2013 and is a recognized faculty member of William Glasser Institute.

Edmund's current interests are in youth work, focusing on helping youths and adolescents to achieve their potential. As an experienced school counsellor, he has been working extensively with youth and adolescents. Till today, he continues to be involved with the school setting as a part-time school counsellor. He is an active volunteer and mentor to youths and adolescents from various organisations.

As a warm and supportive professional supervisor, Edmund believes in empowering others to take personal responsibility – that is, to take small and consistent steps to make positive changes in their personal or professional lives. He strongly believes in nurturing authentic relationships, to facilitate the expression of feelings honestly, and examining vulnerabilities in a trusted professional environment.

In his free time, Edmund is a foodie who enjoys culinary experience both in and out of the kitchen. He is game to try different cuisine and enjoy a cup of coffee.